Family History

Maximo Fernan was the Bogo Gobernadorcillo in 1876

It was in only in 1864 when Bogo was governed by a gobernadorcillo…

In 1876, one source said that Maximo Fernan was the gobernadorcillo. It was said that he came down with other migrants from Mandaue. Many of them settled in Guadalupe. Before the war, there were Amits in Guadalupe, and were believed to be descendants of the Muslin traders who joined Fernan to Bogo…

It has to be noted that in the document where the list of town executives was scribed in the possession of Segundo Orat, the years from 1876 to 1879 were vacant. No name was listed. However, Toribio P. Fernan swore that his father was the gobernadorcillo…

Anselmo Pedroza, an Hilonggo, was the gobernadorcillo in 1880. He was a relative of the wife of Maximo Fernan, and he introduced the sarzuela and the string bands. It was during this term of Anselmo that the moro-moro and the community singing became popular, and the “daigon” during Christmas…

In May 19, 1893, a municipal reforms law known as the “Maura Law” was issued by Royal Decree. Under this law, there would be a municipal executive and five officers who were elected by plurality vote — capitan, chief lieutenant (regidor sindico), lieutenant for police, lieutenant for the fields (sementeras), and one lieutenant for cattle. The chief lieutenant was equivalent to the vice-mayor. At one or another, Victorino de la Vina, Luis Ortiz, Buenaventura Ganzon, Maximo Fernan, Roberto Ancajas, and Matias Rubio became chief lieutenants…

Excerpts taken from, by Prof Regino Dodds Giagonia, MNSA.

Family History

The children of Maximo and Trinidad

Maximo Fernan was born about 1828 in San Remegio, Cebu.  Maximo married Trinidad Pedroza was born abt 1828 in San Remegio, Cebu – died 5 November 1923 in Bogo, Cebu.

The children of Maximo and Trinidad: 

  • Severino Fernan was born about 1852 in Bogo, Cebu.  Severino married Lelang Alburo.
  • Tomasa Fernan was born about 1854 in Bogo Cebu.  Tomasa married Peping del Carmen.
  • Arcadia Fernan was born about 1856 in Bogo, Cebu. Arcadia married Victorino de la Viña.
  • Juana Fernan was born about 1858 in Bogo, Cebu.  Juana married Melquiades Lazala.
  • Antonia Fernan was born about 1860 in Bogo, Cebu.  Antonia married Fortunato Gorre.
  • Pedro Fernan was born about 1862 in Bogo, Cebu. Pedro married Marcia Canama.
  • Bernabela Fernan was born about 1864 in Bogo, Cebu. Bernabela married Mr Veraque (1st husband).  Bernabela married Eugenio Ancajas (2nd husband).  Bernabela married Mr Lepiten (3rd husband)
  • Gerthrudes ‘Oding’ Fernan was born about 1866 in Bogo, Cebu.  Oding married Juan Quitiol Lisondra born abt 1864 – died 29 August 1899.
  • Teofilo Fernan was born about 1868 in Bogo, Cebu.  Wife (unknown).
  • Simon Fernan was born about 1870 in Bogo, Cebu.  Simon married Alejandra Lepiten born abt 1872.
  • Nicolasa Fernan was born about 1872 in Bogo, Cebu.  Nicolasa married Magdalino Ruedas.
  • Roman Fernan was born about 1874 in Bogo, Cebu.  Roman married Josefa Mansueto (1st wife).  Roman married Gregoria Ursaiz (2nd wife)
  • Justino Fernan was born about 1876 in Bogo, Cebu.  Wife (unknown)
  • Demetrio Fernan was born about 1878 in Bogo, Cebu.  Demetrio married Maria Lim (1st wife).  Demetrio married Columba Cabilan (2nd wife).  Demetrio married (3rd wife – Unknown).  Demetrio married (4th wife – Unknown)
  • Toribio Fernan was born about 1880 in Bogo, Cebu.  Toribio married Luisa ‘Isay’ Causing (1st wife).  Toribio married (2nd wife – Unknown).
  • Francisco Fernan was born about 1882 in Bogo, Cebu.  Francisco married Diosdada Soriano (1st wife).  Francisco married Felicidad Uy (2nd wife)

Information on dates and places of birth taken from – International Genealogy index.  Additional information provided by Bayani Abelardo and respective family members.


The Family of Maximo Fernan and Trinidad Pedroza

My husband and I created The Fernan-Pedroza Family Tree in 1999, and uploaded the site to My GeoCities website, 5 years after My GeoCities was founded. The focal information as at February 1999 was taken from the 1994 Family Fernan reunion organised by then Supreme Court Justice, Marcelo Briones Fernan in Lahug, Cebu City. Special thanks to Bayani Fernan Abelardo whose research on the Fernan family history provided a comprehensive overview of the clan. Bayani is a relative of Nicanor Abelardo who is considered the Father of Filipino Kundiman and composed the melody of University of the Philippines’s official anthem, U.P. Naming Mahal in 1917.

The Family tree starts with Maximo Fernan and Trinidad Pedroza and their 16 children; Severino, Tomasa, Arcadia, Juana, Antonia, Pedro, Bernabela, Gerthrudes, Teofilo, Simon, Nicolasa, Roman, Justino, Demetrio, Toribio, and Francisco.

When the site went live, it started the ball rolling, so to speak. We received positive feedbacks from the Fernan community all over the place accompanied by emotions; excitement and gladness knowing that they are able to connect with their roots; ‘where we come from and where our past became our future’.

Family history is essential as it helps keep memories alive and it allows and provides old and new generations an idea of who we are and where we come from.

When My GeoCities closed in 2009, we moved the Fernan website to another server. Then, there was a hiatus in the activities, on our part; family and work commitments stopped us from updating and maintaining the site. Fortunately, Bayani Fernan Abelardo continued his research and continuously updated his list on the family tree.

This webpage is publicly accessible. A number of family members may want their personal information private or may not want their full names on social media, due to privacy reasons. To those who don’t want their personal details open to general view, kindly email for the details. I will email you the full list or just your branch of the family tree, if required.


Diday Fernan-Ramilo


Welcome to the The Fernan-Pedroza Family Tree

Welcome to The Fernan-Pedroza Family Tree. This site will be updated soon.